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Life-Changing Missions

HUGS Foundation, Inc. Missions

When we touch down in Ecuador, Guatemala, or Vietnam for a mission, we arrive to bare shelves. In 12 hours, we put together a fully functioning surgery center. Our medical volunteers don’t waste a minute. We want to start changing as many lives as we can — as soon as we can.

A Day In The Life of a Volunteer

We fill our days with changing lives.

6:00 AM — Alarm goes off and ready to face the day. Wake up thinking about my patients from yesterday and how they did overnight.

6:30 AM — Head to breakfast. Other team members show up for breakfast, and everyone starts to chatter about the day ahead.

7:00 AM — Depart for hospital. Depending on the country, we either walk to the hospital or take a shuttle bus.

7:30 AM — Rounds at hospital. Check on patients from previous day surgeries. Anesthesia arrives and starts preparing patients for surgery.

8:00 AM — Head to pre-op holding area. Meet with first surgical patient and their family.

Prepare patient for surgery; pre-op markings, preparation for the OR.

8:20 AM – First cases roll into the OR.

In between cases — write operative reports, take patient photos, squeeze in a quick lunch, meet with subsequent patients and their families.

6:00 PM – Finishing up our last cases of the day. Depending on the type of cases we perform; each case range from one to six hours.

Cleft lip and Cleft palate surgeries range from one to two and a half hours.

Microtia and Cleft Rhinoplasty surgeries range from four to six hours.

6:00 PM – Rounds at hospital. Check on patients from that day and previous days.

7:00 PM – Eat dinner with team members. Dedicating time and donating talents for the betterment of humanity, our teams consist of compassionate 20 – 35 volunteers from all over the states.

Last stop! When we have such a diverse pool of brilliant and disciplined individuals, it is always fun to get to know about one another. Often times, team members go to a hotel bar after a day full of operations and have a solid team bonding time. But it is also the extension of the mission in which they review the cases of the day to discuss what went well and what can be improved.

Reconstructive Surgery | HUGS Foundation, Inc.
Reconstructive Surgery | HUGS Foundation, Inc.
Reconstructive Surgery | HUGS Foundation, Inc.
Reconstructive Surgery | HUGS Foundation, Inc.
Current needs for medical volunteers include: Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, OR Nurses, Scrub Technicians, Circulators, and PACU Nurses
Current needs for non-medical volunteers include: Photographer, Videographer, and Administrative Positions **FLUENCY IN SPANISH OR VIETNAMESE IS HELPFUL*
Reconstructive Surgery | HUGS Foundation, Inc.

Volunteer Costs

The HUGS Foundation Inc. requires each team member to donate toward the cost of their trip. We handle the logistical planning for you, and your donation helps defray the cost of your air and hotel expense.

Fee structure (effective June 1, 2024):

Physicians & Anesthesiologists: $2000 minimum donation.  Clinicians & Intake Coordinator: $1000 minimum donation Fellows, Residents, & Guests: pay 100% of expenses

If the requested donation is a hardship for you, we encourage you to rally your friends and relatives to sponsor you. You may also consider using online sponsorship tools such as GoFundMe

We Are Looking for Supply Donations

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